Streamline your
litigation practice
in Microsoft Word

Evidence management and opinion drafting suite for legal professionals.

More Billable Hours in Less Time

Streamlined Evidence Management, Opinion Writing, and Factum Drafting

  • Saves you money

    Decrease the cost of lawyer turnover through easy retention and transfer of legal work product.

  • Saves your clients' money

    Increase settlement volume and decrease file costs with streamlined opinion drafting and accelerated litigation prep.

  • Automates evidence organization

    Reduce human error through automatic fact updating, sorting, and citing.

  • Plugs into your existing workflow

    Seamless adoption as a Microsoft Word plugin for Windows, Mac, and web.

A better way to manage litigation practices and claims departments

Draft opinions, manage evidence, transfer knowledge, audit lawyers — all in one place

Opinion Templates

Open frequently used opinion templates or create a new one, firm-wide, in seconds.

  • Streamline your file intake
  • Automatically organize information for ongoing file handling
  • Identify usual issues for specific types of opinions

Point Repository

Efficiently manage facts, issues, and evidence throughout the entire matter lifecycle — from intake to trial.

  • Access and manipulate evidence and fact-chronologies alongside legal assessments.
  • Intelligently handle evidence citations within the document
  • Enable senior lawyers to audit their team's fact- and issue-handling.

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