Frequently asked questions

What is QuickBriefer?

QuickBriefer Inc. is a law tech company dedicating to focusing “legal work” on legal analysis, and nothing else.

The QuickBriefer Suite enables lawyers to:

  • focus more on billable work

  • consider incoming productions quickly and easily, at all stages of a file's life-cycle

  • retain and use prior legal work-product in a standard format

  • take control of high volume practices involving torrents of incoming productions and frequent reporting deadlines.

The QuickBriefer Suite's benefits on profit/loss:

  • increase settlement efficiency

  • decrease file handling costs

  • permit transfer lawyers and adjusters to quickly familiarize themselves with "QuickBriefed" files

  • reduce the pressures that create high turnover

  • facilitating easy file auditing by Lawyer Managers, even with serial-transfer files

How do I install QuickBriefer?

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How do I uninstall QuickBriefer?

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